Me, The People By Lisa Fontana

About The Author-Lisa Fontana

Lisa Fontana is an average American. She owns a small

business, is college educated, but kept a dark secret…she

didn’t cast her first vote for anything until she turned 35

years old!  She had tried to buy a book to teach her about

politics or the government so she could vote with

confidence, but the bookstore shelves were lined with

negativity, and all of them played the blame game. She

knew she couldn’t ask anyone for help because it hadn’t

gone well in the past. On a personal dare, the author says

she once told 17 people in a single day that she had never

voted before. All 17 reacted as if she’d confessed to

drowning puppies in their sleep. Not one of them offered to

extend anything beyond their frustration with her

“stupidity” and “apathy.”  So, she researched it herself,

quietly putting the pieces together on her own until she

figured it out.  With an unwavering dedication to judgment

free, balanced information (with a healthy dollop of funny 

and silly tossed in), she put this guide together to share

what she learned with anyone else who might be looking

for it too.

Me, The People
Lisa Fontana
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