Me, The People By Lisa Fontana
Undecideds Rock!!

“Ya know, those Rock the Vote commercials are cute, but then what?  Rock the vote how?  By doing what?  Going where?”

“I watch the news sometimes.  The reporters and the politicians are all so negative and angry.  I end up upset, overwhelmed and more confused than before, so why bother?”

Yes, politicians are negative.  So are the journalists, the pundits and the political junkies who live on our block or work with us…or perhaps even live with us?  Well, forget about them for a while and allow me, a fellow ‘Undecided,’ to say WELCOME to a world where politics are inviting and fun!

Me The People is a guide that provides the tools to help you decide on and then vote for the next president of the United States – or choose not to, because that is your right too.  The sections are short and cheerful with topic titles such as: 

  • Registering To Vote Is A Piece Of Cake
  • How To Talk Politics Without Bloodshed
  • Avoid The Media, Think For Yourself
  • Climbing The Tree Of The Three Branches Of Government
  • Finding Factual Information So We Can Vote With Confidence
  • Pack Up Some Laundry Quarters And Your Mini Fridge Cuz We’re Off To The Electoral College

In this guide you will find information that is light, easy and more than a little silly.  There are also straight forward definitions of things like:  politics, swing states, congress, political parties, hard money, soft money, polling place, the donkey, the elephant, senators, congressmen and more.  What is missing is the negativity and the name calling.   

If you have an interest in voting, but can’t take the “politics” of it all, you will enjoy this guide.  If you ever thought you would get more involved if only you could do it on your own terms, now you can.  If you are unsure of politics or how the government works, this guide will change that.  We all have busy lives so this was designed to be a fast read, easily picked up and put down in between that thing we like to call ‘living.’  Government and politics CAN be fun, fast and easy.  Seriously.

In addition to being available in paperback for $7.95, this guide is available in e-Book form for $2.99, and can be ‘lent’ to a friend for free for up to 14 days.  You name it, the e-Book downloads to - Kindle, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone 7, Tablet, iPad, PC or Mac.  

 Click Here to Purchase Paperback

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Voting is a right in this country….and so is SMILING.  If you choose to vote, how

sweet would it be to exercise two rights at the same time!

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